Partners and Donors

Microsoft and GitHub

  • Microsoft has donated $1000 for Azure, $2500 for OpenAI, and numerous free accounts for M365 and Azure.
  • GitHub has given us non-profit status, including unlimited enterprise level accounts.
  • With 6ish members and counting, at tens of dollars a month per user, those accounts at M365, Azure, and GitHub are worth a pile of money too.
  • Jessica Mulein is working on Duality Social, a social network, and AI Against Humanity, a game. Digital Defiance is the owner of the copyright, but it’s all MIT licensed open source*.
    *I’m holding on to the AI Against Humanity source until release.


MongoDB has graciously given us a $500 credit good for one year to help bootstrap our projects, including a site for the guild itself.

  • If you need a MongoDB database for your project, run it by the Board for approval and we’ll get you the access you need. We have a limited credit / budget ($500 one time grant).Please make use of the Free Sandbox tier. We’ll add you to our organization.


1Password has been providing secure shared password management for our team for at least a year, at no cost!
We followed this process.

Jessica Mulein

Jessica Mulein provides most of the business licensing, software and accounting subscriptions, domain name and other fees associated with running the group.


Studio 3T has graciously given us a 50% discount on all licenses. We presently own one ‘Ultimate’ seat.

Mohammad Faiz

Mohammad, an individual, contributed a steeply discounted QuickBooks Pro for us to manage our accounting.